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Head of Operations
Jul 23, 2019


There is some exciting news! ?

We have been working extremely hard lately to have the Forums, our newest platform, in as best a way possible for its release. Our Development Team ?‍? have performed tirelessly to produce some of the code ? necessary for things to run smoothly. They have also addressed bugs ? that have arose during the Forums' development. Not only has our Development Team been working but other departments relevant to the production of Forums content (like our network guides) have been creating front-end documentation ? and written protocol that will allow staff-player interactions, like staff applications and player reports, to work with ease.

The Forums will be where the Leadership Team can communicate ? things in a lot of detail. This may be for uses like network-wide announcements or even as a development log ⚙ (which will be coming very soon)! This communication won't just be one-directional however. We'd love to hear everything you've got to say, whether that be through the form of a suggestion, bug report or constructive criticism of a particular aspect of CursedMC.

We will also be using the Forums to foster the community focus ?‍?‍?‍? we're aiming for here. With events and competitions soon to be announced, the Forums will be integral to us in providing you — our community members — with the best experience possible at CursedMC. Until now, staff applications have been submitted through a system of Discord messages. Though interviews will continue to be held on our Discord server, you should now head to the Staff Application section to submit your application to join our Moderation Team. ?

For those interested in applying for Builder ?, applications will be open early November. Get those portfolios built for when applications do open!

Though we have worked hard on our newest platform, we do not expect it to be a model of perfection. As with all newly-released platforms, there may be bugs ?. If you do find any of these, be sure to report them at our Report Bugs section — our Development Team will address them all.

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