Development Log #1 - 8th Oct. 2019


Head of Development
Jul 20, 2019

Development Log #1
Hello everyone ?

Welcome to the first of many CursedMC development logs! In this corner of the forums, we hope to keep you all posted with information about how the network's development is progressing, as well as recognise the people who have helped us make that progress. I'm Nyaruko, the Head of Development of CursedMC and Marble — the project that runs this network — and, going forward, I'll be writing these logs with input from the development team (Wolfii & Netx). Now, we know it's been a while since you've heard from us, so we look forward to showing you all how we've used that time!

? Games ?
From launch, we will be featuring three games with unique twists and features that set us apart from other networks. This section will give a brief overview with more details to come later.

Cursed Factions
I'll open with one we're quite excited about, and we think you will be too! We've take factions back to the drawing board and redeveloped the idea from its core ideas, creating an all new and exciting game-mode in which you'll build an empire with your friends and fellow players alike. We're working with talented world designers to create a totally custom world map which will be the stage upon which all of your play will unfold. The details of this game's mechanics could make up an entire post alone, so keep your eyes peeled for further info ?

Party Games
Here's one we think everyone's gonna have something to love about. Our party games let you compete in fun and unique challenges against the clock ? Three games are randomly played with you being given about a minute per game. A couple of party games we can confirm so far are: Farm Thief ? in which you trample as many crops as you can without falling into water, rushing to set off explosives when they appear for bonus destruction; and Rod Wars, in which you use your trusty fishing rod to throw as many players as you can from platforms in the sky. We hope to launch with over 15 individual party games and plan to keep adding new ones as the network grows!

You Decide!
But hey, we can't just be making all the decisions about what you'll want to play! We want your feedback on the kind of games you'd like to see, as such we will be putting our third game to a community vote ? Further information about this will be coming soon™, so keep your eyes peeled!

Multi-version Support
All of CursedMC's games, network-wide, will be available to players who use versions 1.8 to 1.14.4 from launch ? So there will be no need for you need to switch version when joining the network!

✨ Features ✨
There's a lot planned for the network, as you'd expect we've had quite a while to think about what we want to put into CursedMC to make it as enjoyable as possible for the community. Here are some of the most interesting systems we are aiming to have up and running by the time release rolls around...

As you play our games, you'll be able to unlock ? a wide variety of cosmetic items. These include Pets you can ride around the hub floor (or even fly way up in the sky), gadgets with all kinds of cool effects, a boatload of wearable hats and clothes ? and more in-game effects than you can shake a stick at (such as shield patterns, particle trails, sprays, arrow trails, and others) ?

You'll be able to unlock these cosmetics using points earned in-game, as well as through Pandora's Boxes which can contain ultra-rare box only items!

Our more competitive community members will be happy to hear that we have implemented a fully functional leaderboards system, which will be available via the forums at launch ? Additionally, you'll be able to connect your Discord, Forums, and Minecraft accounts to show off your achievements and statistics everywhere. Now you'll be able to track your way to the top! ?

Interactive Signs
You'll be able to travel around the network in style with our interactive sign-boards ? We hope in future to display live information on these dynamic maps such as leaderboards data, twitter feeds, featured works from the community, and more so we'll keep you posted on these in future logs!

Premium Features
For those of you looking to support the network ? we are happy to announce that our web-store is now open! ? We're offering a great range of premium features right now, including ranks which give you multiple perks on Discord, the forums, and in-game o_O After more cosmetics? We've got Pandora's Boxes on there too. We're even giving everyone a free one of these boxes to everyone each month ? just for visiting our web-store! Perhaps you're after a clean break on your leaderboard stats, in which case be sure to pick up a Stat Token while you're on there! We'll also be featuring network boosters ? which increase points earned from games for everyone on the network while they're active, and let players tip you for being the one to activate the boost!

Parties & Friends
Over the last few weeks, as a part of the wider services update we'll be discussing in future logs, we have implemented a brand new system that makes parties more robust ? and that will eventually allow cross-network features like automatic requeuing for games. We've also been working on a friends system that will allow you to add friends, know when they come online, and spectate them in games that support it.

Of course, any network worth its salt needs great moderators! So in order to make their jobs as frictionless as possible, we have implemented a proprietary moderation system with every facet made in consideration of ease of use, and user fairness âš– We've also cooked up our own multi-anti-cheat configuration blend (yes, we struggle to say that quickly too :LOL:), which we have tweaked such that it ensures all avenues of hacking are equally well-addressed.

? Optimisations ?
We've been hard at work, preparing CursedMC for a busy launch day. This has involved us implementing major optimisations across the board to ensure Marble is up to the task. To do this we have written custom stress-testing tools to simulate high player counts and rapid join-rates. This has allowed us to discover and patch areas in need of optimisation that would have otherwise required having hundreds of real users join to expose. This has included some (now fixed) tricky threading-related issues that had enough performance impacts that were small enough to require launch day level payloads for their effects to begin showing.

Additionally, we've gone back to the drawing board and implemented new caching techniques so that our systems are able to access data as efficiently as possible from the database. Our new cache manager even receives updates from our databases directly when cached items change, ensuring that our information is never out of date.

? Language System ?
Our network has been designed from the start with the intent for it to be enjoyed globally in mind. As such, we have ensured that every line of text viewed by players is fully translatable. It would seem, however, that knowing Java doesn't count as understanding a second language ? With this, we're looking to the community for anyone who would be kind enough to share their linguistic skills to make CursedMC a network that can be enjoyed in as many places as possible. Also, just to sweeten the deal, you'll get a shiny Translator role on the Discord server ?

I'm sure there's lots more to go into, but then I wouldn't have very much to write about next time ;) Keep an eye out for my upcoming post about our bug-bounty system, which will allow you to get cool and unique perks for telling us about bugs you find. We look forward to you seeing our work in further updates and in-game, until next time, thanks for reading!


Oct 12, 2019
I am amazed, I expected CursedMC to be good and just from this, I have been proven that I am correct
with all that you have said above, I do believe that CursedMC will be a community-based Minecraft server.
Just you taking the time to explain in detail what we are going to have to expect so far from CursedMC I will be
very surprised if something bad happens due to you wanting to inform us about the ideas that are going into
creating this server.

I can't wait to see all these features and game modes in person (well through my little character) and you remember
take the time you need and don't overwork yourself-

Keep hydrated, Keep well Fed and keep getting the right amount of sleep!