Development Log #1 - 8th Oct. 2019

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Development Log #1
Hello everyone 👋

Welcome to the first of many CursedMC development logs! In this corner of the forums, we hope to keep you all posted with information about how the network's development is progressing, as well as recognise the people who have helped us make that progress. I'm Nyaruko, the Head of Development of CursedMC and Marble — the project that runs this network — and, going forward, I'll be writing these logs with input from the development team (Wolfii & Netx). Now, we know it's been a while since you've heard from us, so we look forward to showing you all how we've used that time!

🕹 Games 🕹
From launch, we will be featuring three games with unique twists and features that set us apart from other networks. This section will give a brief overview with more...

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