Development Log #2 - 12/2/20

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Development Log #2

Welcome to the second development log for CursedMC. In case you didn't see the last log or are new to the community, I'm Nyaruko and I'm the Head of Development here at CursedMC. It's been a bit of a while since the last log so let's jump straight into what's been happening over the last few months.

🎉 Beta Coming 🎉
First of all, I'd just like to thank everyone for their patience over the last little bit of time. The winter period is often a difficult time for server projects and it makes me very happy to see that our community is still as enthusiastic as we are about the CursedMC project! We've recently reached the critical point in development where we can start making reasonable estimations about how much work is left to be done on the project. While we won't be releasing a set date yet...

Build Team Applications

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The past few weeks have been highly productive for our Development Team, with its members hard at their keyboards ⌨ producing both back-end and front-end material necessary for the successful release of CursedMC. However, our creative department is comprised of have two branches, the Development Team and the Build Team. While development work is progressing fast, the creation of maps and other builds required has yet to kick into high gear.

Though much code goes into creating enjoyable experiences, players' interactions with CursedMC will entirely take place in specially-built maps crafted to boost this enjoyment ? As we steam-roll towards a network state that's fit for release, and now know many of the game mechanics that will be implemented (and what maps are needed for these), building is shifting into being a major...

Community Vote + Twitter

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Since we opened, the community has been a real focus for the team. We've planned events (more on those soon ?), considered how to best develop CursedMC for you, and — now — are giving all community members the chance to select our third release game. Welcome to the CursedMC community vote to decide what you will all see when we launch! ?

Generally, we have two types of games available for the vote. Our twisted modes confuse beloved games' base mechanics, putting a unique spin on the familiarity of classic games. Our addictive modes are all new games you may not see elsewhere. Get voting for your favourite addition to the network. ?

Continuing with our effort to work for the community, we've now established a new social media platform — Twitter. ? You can follow us at @RealCursedMC now! follow4follow? You'll be able to...

Development Log #1 - 8th Oct. 2019

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Development Log #1
Hello everyone ?

Welcome to the first of many CursedMC development logs! In this corner of the forums, we hope to keep you all posted with information about how the network's development is progressing, as well as recognise the people who have helped us make that progress. I'm Nyaruko, the Head of Development of CursedMC and Marble — the project that runs this network — and, going forward, I'll be writing these logs with input from the development team (Wolfii & Netx). Now, we know it's been a while since you've heard from us, so we look forward to showing you all how we've used that time!

? Games ?
From launch, we will be featuring three games with unique twists and features that set us apart from other networks. This section will give a brief overview with more...

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